On Sunday, the anniversary of D-Day, the Arlington Rotary Club held their Annual Flags for Heroes dedication. This year the club dedicated the ceremony to Elaine Shea, a very active Arlington citizen who died in March. In addition 160 flags fly for the people who have made a difference in the lives of other. The funds raised through this fundraiser helps support our scholarship program. 
Elaine touched many lives. She had an extraor-
dinary capacity to connect with people in a
caring and authentic way. She showed her love
and appreciation for others by writing poems
and books, giving lots of hugs, and sharing her
famous chocolate chip cookies. Elaine was
dedicated to helping people find their voice,
which inspired her to be one of the founders of
the First Step domestic violence support group
in Arlington. She was a graduate of Matignon
High School, Newton College of the Sacred
Heart, and Boston University School of Social
Work, where she earned her master’s degree
while raising six young children. She had a
special place in her heart for so many people
and places including her Lincoln Street neigh-
borhood, where this past year she initiated
weekly outdoor gatherings to inspire hope dur-
ing the pandemic. Elaine was proud to be from
Arlington and worked to make it a community
of upstanders who look out for one another. She
modeled how being grateful, helping others,
and being true to oneself leads to a happy and
fulfilling life.